North Wales, PA Roofing Contractor

Townsley Contracting is one of the most referred roofers in North Wales PA. We have have years of experience in designing and installation to best suit your home. We guarantee that your home will look incredible after our roofers are finished their work.

We always use the best materials available during our contracting jobs. We only use materials that has been tested time and time again to withstand years of weather and natural conditions. Not only that, but we make certain that our staff use only the safest possible methods during the installation process. Safe for both our team and your family. The materials that we use are the best available by industry standards. We take pride in knowing that our roofers operate with the safest possible equipment and the job exceeds your expectations. We also provide lightning rod protection. We have installed lightning rods for over twenty years and we are the company that has the most referrals in North Wales PA. If you are in need of roof replacements, Townsley is your best option in North Wales PA.

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